Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Give Away Dress

I bought this dress at Target years ago, and had actually put it in a bag with other items that I planned on donating. Being lazy about taking the clothes to the donation bin does have one upside . . .it gave me time to plan an outfit using this dress! I also like how the pattern in the dress is echoed in the pattern on the slippers (yep these shoes are actually slippers).
Dress: Target
Tan Long Sleeve T-Shirt: Rave
Tights: Target:
Shoes: Gift from parents
Sweater: Gift from parents

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Allie said...

I have done the same thing - my car's trunk is full of bags that need to be donated... has been like that for MONTHS. A few weeks ago it was raining and I was running past my car to my husband's getting soaked then stopped, opened my trunk, tore a bag open and found a trench of sorts I was going to donate. Yanked it out and have been wearing it ever since!