Saturday, November 24, 2007

Project Runway: Round Two

I was really excited to figure out who was going to be the big celebrity guest judge for this week's Project Runway. I was a little giddy with anticipation as the show began to air thinking that Project Runway was going to step it up and get Anna Wintour to judge (although now that I think about it, she would never lower herself to being on a reality TV show). And probably because I never got into Sex and the City, I was disappointed when I saw that "the biggest name in Project Runway history" was Sarah Jessica Parker. Don't get me wrong, I admire that she has put together an affordable clothing line with Bitten, but it's just that Sarah's star power shines dimly for me because the line is really kind of boring. I would have thought that bold risk-taking she is known for in her personal life would be evident in the line, but I haven't come across any pieces that wow me.
But for $20, I wouldn't mind picking up a piece like this Houndstooth jacket. It will be interesting to see the direction this line takes in the future. Until then, it's fun to look at the contestants' visions for Bitten.

There were several pieces this week that I would definitely go out of my way to pick up. Even though I think Elisa is crazy, her outfit this week should have won (spit stains and all):

Not only are these fabrics luxurious looking, the proportions on the cape are killer. I have been looking to buy a vintage cape, but those I have come across are much too long (ending around my hips) and end up resembling a poncho and not a cape. I would snatch this cape up in a heartbeat!

I also love this retro jacket. I think its fun, quirky and eye catching. I think the judges missed the mark on this one. And although I wouldn't pair it with a dress, I still want to rock it!

I'm not sure how long Christian (one of the designers of this jacket) will make it in the competition. I think his youth and more importantly his inexperience, will be his downfall, but for those interested in 80s inspired retro wear, Christian is the designer to watch.

And while I think the cape/dress combo should have won, Victorya and Kevin's dress is flirty and sophisticated. And while the colors in the vest compliment the dress, I don't like the vest paired with this dress. First, I think the structured design of the vest contrasts with the fluid design of the dress. Even though the designers had to create a two piece ensemble, I think this dress could have stood alone.

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Elle said...

I agree! Loved Eliza's cape...but Victorya's dress was a show stopper. How much do you love this show?!