Sunday, December 23, 2007

Peace out

I'll be heading out of town tomorrow and since my family only has dial-up I won't be posting over the next month (probably not until Jan 23rd) :(

I wish you all the best for the new year and look forward to returning with new posts, some diy projects, and at some point the big reveal will take place!

See you all in January!!!

Catching up

I think finals really wiped me out this year since I just haven't been in the mood to post much. Nevertheless, here are two very different outfits I wore recently. I thought I would share the one of my causal outfits since we all wear them even if they're not the most stylish. I do love this sweater though because its off the shoulder (oh and I should mention that I am wearing a tank top underneath, not just a bra). I've always thought shoulders were sexy, so why not show them off . . . I am clearly a child of the 80s. The other outfit features my favorite blouse of the moment. I love the poet sleeves and detailing down the center.

In my best Beyonce . . ."to the left, to the left":

Sweater: Target Tank top and jeans: Kohl's Boots: Wet Seal

And above: Blouse: Arden B via ebay express Pants: Kohl's Booties: Target

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A trip to Target

I needed some face lotion the other day, and so I made the trek to Target and of course had to look through the clothes and shoes aisle. I did come come away with some fun things and a couple of good deals.
These over the knee socks are pretty rad and for under $4 a pop definitely worth it. Probably my best purchase was these black booties, which were on sale for $8.
This is my first (and probably last) swing jacket that I got for about $8. I like that its grey, which should make it versatile. And last but not least, is this dress that I picked up for $5 (who can resist?!).
Target never disappoints!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

One Dress Three Ways

Here it is finally, the Project Runway dress from Sarah Jessica Parker's line Bitten. I definitely like this dress, but it has some flaws. First, I think there is just way too much fabric. If I ever get pregnant I can wear this dress and no one will ever know. Second, the inner garment tag is sown directly onto the dress, so you can tell where the tag is attached if you're standing behind me. Third, on PR the dress looked like it was steal grey, but when I went to Barry and Steve's to pick it up, I realized that this grey was just black, bummer. Don't get me wrong, I love a little black dress, but it's important for me that my black dress make me feel sexy . . . this dress not so sexy. But I think this last flaw worked in my favor because I really like this maroon color. Another thing I love about this dress is it's versatility. I like how easy I can change the shape of the silhouette and make the dress look completely different. I'll definitely need to play with it some more to think of other wearable possibilities. And of course, I LOVE the pockets. Which style do you think looks best? (click to enlarge)

Dress: Steve and Barry's

Shoes: Kohl's

Tights and bangle: Target

Monday, December 17, 2007

Project Runway: Everyday Clothing

I know I am also a week late posting my Project Runway thoughts, but I finally have some free time to share my thoughts.

Ok, so Bravo can piss me off sometimes. All last week they had been hyping Jack's "big announcement" and horrible ideas ran through my mind of losing loved ones or having a "six months to live" prognosis. Then it turns out, that he needed to return home to see a doctor for a lip infection! Lame. I mean couldn't he take care of this medical emergency and then return to the show? Apparently, the producers of the show are too callous for such a novel idea. It's unfortunate because Jack is a good designer, but such is life! Now on to the fashion! I really liked this week's challenge, I wish I could get a designer to revamp some of the more drab pieces I own. Steven definitely deserved to be kicked off. He should have rocked that wedding dress because who wouldn't want to be able to wear her dress more than once. Elisa you got lucky again girl, but I can't imagine you'll make it too much further in the competition (in my best valley girl impression, "asymmetrical hems are so like five years ago!"). In fact, both of these outfits are so bad, I won't bother posting them, but if you're curious you can check them out at Project Runway.

And like Jack have a big announcement too . . . drum roll please . . . I am officially endorsing Christian and Kevin (well I ain't Oprah, but still)!!! Both designers rocked it out making these women look young and hip! Christian's outfit is pcitured above left, and Kevin's is to the right (click to enlarge).

And a nod to Jillian (below), whose dress looked effortlessly put together and classic. (Photos from Project Runway)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Class Presentation

Sadly, posting the last couple of days and over the next week will be sporadic as I'm right in the thick of writing final papers for the semester. In addition to the papers I have to write, I had two class presentations this week. Here's what I wore to the first.

Blouse: Forever 21

Shoes and Jewelry: Wet Seal

Pinstripe pants: Kohl's

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cold Day, Warm Clothes

I never thought I would wear a dress with jeans, but since this one so closely resembles a tunic, I figured I'd rather be warm than endulge out-dated convictions. Jeans: Kohl's

Boots: Target

Cowl neck dress (w/belt): Wet Seal

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fashion catching up to the 21st century

Angel Chang has just become one of my favorite designers. Why might you ask? Because she makes clothes that I theoretically never need to wash! Seriously, the wicking properties of some of the fabrics she uses removes odor and sweat.
Angel, an alum from both Barnard and Columbia has worked with notable designers, Donna Karan, Viktor & Rolf, and Marc Jacobs. She was recently awarded the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award and I can see why!
Her WWII military inspired looks are feminine and sophisticated. But more importantly, she's incorporated high tech fabrics and designs into her fashion projects making her outfits truly awesome.
Take this (pic left) Edwardian jacket with built-in Ipod controls from her Fall 07 collection for example. How great is it to be able to look stylish and control your music all in the piece?!
Or this heat-sensitive jacket (pic right) where the inner lining "disappears" when in contact with a warm body and reappears when the jacket is taken off.
But my absolute favorite has to be this coral ruffle dress from her Spring 08 collection. Currently on display at Ralph Pucci International in New York, a close inspection of the pattern on the dress reveals a map of Manhattan! Who would have thought that a grid of the city could look so fabulous.
(photos from Angel Chang and Fashion Wire Daily)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Matthew Campbell Laurenza bangles

While I can't afford these (ranging from $1,050 to $1,800), apparently a lot of women can since Bergdorf Goodman has had to reorder these beauties five times already!
(photo from New York Times)
I'll definitely be on the look out for more affordable alternatives. This is a great way to incorporate the ethnic looks seen in many designer's spring collections. I especially like how the inner metal work is different for each bracelet. A nice touch even if we can't see it when wearing them. What do you think of these bangles?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Turtleneck again, I never learn

Although winter isn't officially here for another couple of weeks, the weather gods have decided to lay the winter weather on thick already. And because I want to be a baby when it comes to cold weather I decided to wear yet another turtleneck, even though I'm from CO and should be accustomed to cold weather. I blame my Puerto Rican background as the reason I dispise the cold and love tropical weather . . .it's in my blood. Luckily, my legs don't usually feel quite as cold as other parts of my body, hence no tights. But I did wear a long jacket to keep them a little warmer.

P.S.--I have finally joined the 21st century and uploaded this photo to photobucket, which for you means you can "click to enlarge" (note that now you can see the subtle pattern on the skirt).

Turtleneck: Given to me by a roommate who was cleaning out her closet

Skirt: ??? (possibly Ross or its discount equivalent)

Heels: Target

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Project Runway: Not so trendy trends

For whatever reason, the latest episode of project runway didn't provide me with much to discuss. Most of the looks were pretty drab showing just how difficult it is to make out-of-fashion looks trendy again. Once again my favorite did not win. But given the right price, I would snatch this dress Jack made up in a heartbeat! Ok, so maybe the pockets are a little extreme, but the square neck and vertical stripes make up for the protrusions at the hips. Sweet P's outfit was also cute. The one thing that caught me off guard though was how the show considered turtlenecks to not be fashionable. I must be out of the loop (see yesterday's post), but I think turtlenecks will also be stylish. What do you think?
This being said, I completely agree with the judges about Sweet P's design. I love the bubble hem and the look as a whole is urban and sophsiticated.

By the way, Ricky (pic here) you got lucky this week. If you don't step up your game, you're gonna be OUT!

(photos via project runway)

are turtlenecks fashionable?
I've always thought so
It depends on the turtleneck
Not at all, they're stuffy and itchy free polls

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First snow

In recognition of the first snow storm of the season I decided to bust out the first of many turtlenecks.

Turtleneck: ??? (this might have been a gift)

Layering Tank Top: Old Navy

Pants: Kohl's

Bracelets: New York and Co.

Earrings: Forever 21

Shoes: Ebay

Monday, December 3, 2007

Asian Vintage Blouse

A casual outfit day. I recently purchased this top on ebay for about $5. I should also mention that I was also wearing a red headband, which clearly did not make it into this pic, but did tie the look together.
Top: Ebay
Jeans: Kohl's
Shoes: Ebay
Bracelets: Forever 21

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jacket on the cheap

Need a new winter jacket? (The answer should always be an emphatic "YES!" if it rains or snows where you live . . . and if it doesn't, tell me where you live because I am moving there tomorrow.) Want one on the cheap? (Hell YES!) Then look no further than Wet Seal. Each of these jackets is only $20! I just picked up the Black puffer jacket today. I've had my eye on it for a while and was psyched when I saw that it was on sale, so I thought I should share!

Ebay Items of the Week 12.1.07

I know its been a while since I've posted about great finds on ebay, so it's about time I get my act together and share some new finds.
Here are some great designer dresses that are truly a steal!
This vintage Dolce and Gabbana dress not only has a classic look, the current price is $19.50 ($6.95 S/H)! I love the flattering fit and the femininity that silk exudes. Size 12.
Diane von Fustenberg is a goddess when it comes to choosing the right pattern for a dress. Although very different, I adore both of these pieces. Left: Plaid pastel dress, size 6 (but seems to fit much larger), current price .99 cents ($8 S/H)!!! Right: Purple dress with mustard and cream accents, size 8, current price $5 ($10 S/H)
I love jersey because its comfortable and so easy to wear. And this dress is absolutely adorable and flattering . . .can it get any better?!
BCBG Green Jersey dress, size large, current price $9.99 ($5.99 S/H)
And last, but clearly not least, is a Betsey Johnson jersey print that $9.99 ($6.50 S/H) should be in my wardrobe right now! Happy Bidding!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Grey, Blue and Cream

A very wintery looking, but not winter appropriate outfit today. Totally exhausted when this pic was taken (I really should take these earlier in the day), which explains why the necklace is off. I should give these navy tights a break, but again they make an appearance. And while I didn't take a picture with my winter coat on, it too was cream colored and paired with a cream colored scarf.

Go-go Boots and Belt: Forever 21

Tights: Clarie's via ebay

Extra Long Tunic: Target

Necklace and Blue Cardigan: Wet Seal

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Favorite Fashion Blogs

You may have noticed that I have finally updated my blog list. I just wanted to send a shout out that if you see your blog listed and haven't had a chance to list this fabulous blog, don't worry I still love ya! (As long as you go right now and add me to your list of favorites . . . And if you don't, then fine (and in my best third grader voice) I didn't want to be on your stinky old blog anyway!)

Project Runway: Menswear

Given the level of tailoring needed to make men's clothes, it comes as no surprise that the designs this week fell short. And while Jack may have won the challenge, with the ensemble pictured below, I was left wanting more. While I like the overall look, a tie and/or vest would have really pulled this look together. And I'm bothered by the pocket on the shirt. It looks like a square piece of fabric was sown on in the last minute. But given the time constraints of the challenge, not bad . . . just not the best.
For me this week's winner should have been Kevin. I love his use of dual purple tones. This look would be complete if they would have just tucked in the damn shirt. Other than that, this look is sharp!
Kit's outfit is also worth mentioning. I like how it straddles the line between dressy and casual with the fleece jacket. An easy look that I am sure a lot of men appreciate.

I figure its about time I make a prediction for this season's winner. So far I think Victorya has been the most consistent at creating wearable and classic clothing. (I'm going to try and swing by Steve and Barry's today to see if I can pick up her winning dress from last week.) Although I think anything can happen in this competition, the other designers better keep their eye on her!

><><><><><><><><(photos from and

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Erin Fetherston for Target

In one sense, I am impressed by Target's "GO International" clothing collections featuring different designers' pieces for a limited 90 day run. It's about time that fashion be brought to the masses and there is almost no better way to do this than selling your clothes to Target . . . unless you sell them to Wal-mart, but I won't go there. Thank you Isaac Mizrahi for moving fashion away from its elitist base to the general public!
This being said, I haven't been able to bring myself to spend $50 (or more) on a dress at Target. Maybe at Nordstrom's or Dillard's, sure I will (because $50 means I got a good deal), but for some reason the idea of spending serious dough on clothes at Target has not been appealing to me . . .until now.
While I don't love every piece, there is a feminine sensibility to Erin's line and the color palette is stellar. Here are some of my favorites:
Above: Flirty Chiffon Dress with Velvet for $44.99 at Target
Right: From Erin's Spring 08 collection, I wish I could get my hands on this sexy dress!
(photo via

Above: Silver Jumper $29.99 Right: Barn Red Dress, $59.99 (I LOVE the color and the peter pan collar)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Pockets are awesome

As promised, here is a pic of what I wore to dinner last night (sans the jewelry that I took off as soon as I got home before this picture was taken). I have recently wanted to purchase a dress with pockets, since I have never owned one. And not just any dress with pockets, I wanted a dress with pockets at the side seam so that they blend into the dress. Little did I know at the time that this navy number was just what I was looking for! It wasn't until I put this dress on for the first time yesterday that I realized this great little addition. In fact, I thought there was a huge hole in the seam until I realized how awesome this dress really is.

Dress: Forever 21

Tights and Ballet Flats: Old Navy

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 25th birthday (fitting that it would also fall on the 25th). And my horoscope says to listen to my inner voice. Lucky for me, my inner voice says to eat lots of leftover turkey (which I love) and top it off with some delicious birthday cake! I went out to club Stay in the city last night to celebrate! And of course, had to wear a new dress for the occasion. I even got a compliment on the tights from a drunk guy at the train station. Who knew navy tights would be the piece worth mentioning :)

Dress: Wet Seal

Tights: Claire's via ebay

Shoes: Old Navy

My partner and I are going to dinner tonight, and if I don't recycle this outfit for the dinner date, I'll definitely show off any new duds I decide to put on.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Project Runway: Round Two

I was really excited to figure out who was going to be the big celebrity guest judge for this week's Project Runway. I was a little giddy with anticipation as the show began to air thinking that Project Runway was going to step it up and get Anna Wintour to judge (although now that I think about it, she would never lower herself to being on a reality TV show). And probably because I never got into Sex and the City, I was disappointed when I saw that "the biggest name in Project Runway history" was Sarah Jessica Parker. Don't get me wrong, I admire that she has put together an affordable clothing line with Bitten, but it's just that Sarah's star power shines dimly for me because the line is really kind of boring. I would have thought that bold risk-taking she is known for in her personal life would be evident in the line, but I haven't come across any pieces that wow me.
But for $20, I wouldn't mind picking up a piece like this Houndstooth jacket. It will be interesting to see the direction this line takes in the future. Until then, it's fun to look at the contestants' visions for Bitten.

There were several pieces this week that I would definitely go out of my way to pick up. Even though I think Elisa is crazy, her outfit this week should have won (spit stains and all):

Not only are these fabrics luxurious looking, the proportions on the cape are killer. I have been looking to buy a vintage cape, but those I have come across are much too long (ending around my hips) and end up resembling a poncho and not a cape. I would snatch this cape up in a heartbeat!

I also love this retro jacket. I think its fun, quirky and eye catching. I think the judges missed the mark on this one. And although I wouldn't pair it with a dress, I still want to rock it!

I'm not sure how long Christian (one of the designers of this jacket) will make it in the competition. I think his youth and more importantly his inexperience, will be his downfall, but for those interested in 80s inspired retro wear, Christian is the designer to watch.

And while I think the cape/dress combo should have won, Victorya and Kevin's dress is flirty and sophisticated. And while the colors in the vest compliment the dress, I don't like the vest paired with this dress. First, I think the structured design of the vest contrasts with the fluid design of the dress. Even though the designers had to create a two piece ensemble, I think this dress could have stood alone.