Thursday, December 6, 2007

Project Runway: Not so trendy trends

For whatever reason, the latest episode of project runway didn't provide me with much to discuss. Most of the looks were pretty drab showing just how difficult it is to make out-of-fashion looks trendy again. Once again my favorite did not win. But given the right price, I would snatch this dress Jack made up in a heartbeat! Ok, so maybe the pockets are a little extreme, but the square neck and vertical stripes make up for the protrusions at the hips. Sweet P's outfit was also cute. The one thing that caught me off guard though was how the show considered turtlenecks to not be fashionable. I must be out of the loop (see yesterday's post), but I think turtlenecks will also be stylish. What do you think?
This being said, I completely agree with the judges about Sweet P's design. I love the bubble hem and the look as a whole is urban and sophsiticated.

By the way, Ricky (pic here) you got lucky this week. If you don't step up your game, you're gonna be OUT!

(photos via project runway)

are turtlenecks fashionable?
I've always thought so
It depends on the turtleneck
Not at all, they're stuffy and itchy free polls


Vintage Bunny said...

I' d wear the first dress too.Its chic

The Seeker said...

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lalaliu said...

i loved those two dresses as well!

Elle said...

I really can't take Ricky's god-awful hats...every last one of them is horribly horribly ugly.