Saturday, December 8, 2007

Turtleneck again, I never learn

Although winter isn't officially here for another couple of weeks, the weather gods have decided to lay the winter weather on thick already. And because I want to be a baby when it comes to cold weather I decided to wear yet another turtleneck, even though I'm from CO and should be accustomed to cold weather. I blame my Puerto Rican background as the reason I dispise the cold and love tropical weather . . .it's in my blood. Luckily, my legs don't usually feel quite as cold as other parts of my body, hence no tights. But I did wear a long jacket to keep them a little warmer.

P.S.--I have finally joined the 21st century and uploaded this photo to photobucket, which for you means you can "click to enlarge" (note that now you can see the subtle pattern on the skirt).

Turtleneck: Given to me by a roommate who was cleaning out her closet

Skirt: ??? (possibly Ross or its discount equivalent)

Heels: Target

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