Monday, October 15, 2007

the basics: Heels

Honestly, no other shoe is sexier than a heel. Right now, I am absolutely loving the trend of wearing silver pumps (because they sparkle--I guess my infantile tendencies still have a strong hold on my psyche). So, I recently bought this pair of Michael Antonio heels from ebay for about $20 (w/shipping).
They're a little big, which should remind me to stop buying shoes from ebay since you really need to try them on, but in the case I think the sexiness of heel outweighs the fact that my feet slip inside them. To see paired with an outfit, check out the previous post :)

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Ann said...

If the shoes are only slightly too large, you can buy those sticky things to put on the back of the heel side, so the space inside becomes smaller. They work wonders!