Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Jewel Tones

I wish I could video the way this skirt moves when I walk because every time I wear it, I feel ultra-feminine as it sashays in just the right way. Although I can't remember how much I paid for the skirt, I know I got a great deal on it because I bought it when Crossroads Mall (Boulder, CO) was going out business and the Express inside the mall was selling everything 80 percent off. If only I could find that kind of sale today! The shirt was a much more recent purchase at Old Navy This was also on sale ($10) and you may still be able to pick one up. (P.S.-- I'm not quite sure why it looks like there is a stain on the skirt, but I can assure you I wasn't quite that clumsy this morning:)
And here's a close up of the earrings:
Skirt: Express Top: Old Navy
Necklace: Target
Earrings: ??? (I can't remember, probably Kohl's or Target)
Shoes: Old Navy


Anonymous said...

oh, lovely blog! keep it up, you'll really be amazed by what will come up for you! i like the personal nature of fashion evolution and i'll keep my eye on you!

Londyn said...

Thanks for sharing you blog! I love it.

Beautiful blue tones in the outfit.

SHOEGAL said...

That's a great outfit, I'd love a skirt like that!

Keep up the blog, so far so good!

Allie said...

Welcome to the world of wardrobe blogging! I like your sense of style and plan to keep coming back to see more! :-)

Busy Bee said...

Your Style is sweet!

The Bee is out!

deborah-lee said...

I'm glad I've stumbled across your blog. It's great.

Wanted to say, are you sure that's a stain on the skirt? I think it's the outline of someone's head (shadow). As soon as I looked at it I could see ears *L*