Monday, October 15, 2007

Purple kind of mood

I guess I have been feeling the color purple recently since the last post and this one focus on this fun fall color. In an ideal world, I would wear two pairs of these gray opaque tights to ensure that they really are opaque. . . I should probably think about picking up another pair then. One thing I completely adore about this dress is the strip of purple lace at the empire waist (can't see in this photo) and repeated right before the ruffles on the bottom of the dress. I think this small, see-through detail is not only unique, but also subtly sexy. Shoes: Ebay Tights: Old Navy Dress: Baby Phat via Ebay Express Jacket: Gift from the 'rents (Kohl's probably) Necklace: Claire's (during one of those 10 items for $5 sales that I love!)


WendyB said...

Beautiful outfit. When do we get to see your head? :-)

Anonymous said...

Great tights. Wanna see that ass in tights