Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Black and Blue

Today's outfit was created around these fun red tights. I experimented with more tannish colors before settling on the black and blue theme. I think the necklace really ties the outfit together by balancing out the red.
Shoes: JCPenny's Tights: Target Skirt: New York and Co.
T-shirt: Charlotte Russe
Mini Cardigan: Wet Seal
Bangles: Ebay Necklace: Forever 21


Ann said...

I think black mary-janes would work out much better than the the red ballerinas you are wearing now. But I like the outfit in general!

Londyn said...

I like the outfit too and was thinking some blue shoes would compliment the red tights nicely.

fashion evolution said...

Part of the reason I didn't wear a different color shoe was I thought it would make my legs look stubby by creating a block of red. I'll try out a different pair of shoes next time and we can compare :)

Anonymous said...

i would say loose the necklace and go for something a little more subtle like a red braclet, handbag or red earings. the red necklace is a too obvious match. otherwise, love it! the ballerina flats are very feminine and work well! you dont want your feet to stick out with black shoes or anyother color.