Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Basics: Organizing the Closet

One benefit of being a graduate student is that even on a Wednesday I can stay in my pajamas all day and study (although studying all day is definitely not a benefit). So unfortunately, there won't be an outfit pic today, but I expect to get one up tomorrow. In the mean time . . . I plan on posting tips that have been helpful for me in developing my sense of style. The first of these is to organize your closet!!! I have chosen to organize mine not only by color, but also by style of piece (t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, dresses together etc.). I've found that this makes choosing an outfit that much easier and for the hour or two it takes to reorganize, it's well worth it. Here's how mine looks (I told you it was cramped!):

If you're wondering where the whites are, they have migrated to my partner's closet. But considering that until about a month ago, I had taken up about half of his closet, I would say this is a big improvement.

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Valley Girl said...

I love it! Its so neat.