Friday, October 19, 2007

Pencil Skirt

I recently purchased this pencil skirt from Wet Seal because although I own several black skirts, I didn't have this staple in my wardrobe. And while I think this outfit would look better with my black pumps, I refuse to wear pumps when I go to NYC because the last time I wore stiletoes in the city, I couldn't walk right for the next couple of days!
Top: Wet Seal
Skirt: Wet Seal
Ballet Flats: Target (I think)
Bracelets: Wet Seal
Earrings: Forever 21


Elaine said...

I LOVE pencil skirts, they are so sophisticated. I have one that I wear a lot, but I need more!!

Sometimes when I go somewhere special and really want to wear heels (to me they make a difference), I'll carry a pair of little black pumps around with me incase I find my feet hurting. However, I do have size 4/5 feet - so most of my heels fit into the bottom my medium sized handbag if I do have to take them off, which is convenient.

Anonymous said...

I love the entire ensemble, but I think the skirt needs to be a bit shorter, like above or just at the knee, otherwise your body looks too long and your legs look too short.

As someone who is very short (5'0) I've learned the hard way how pencil skirts, which, if worn correctly, could be you best friend, can easily turn on you when elongated by just a few inches.

The outfit is cute, I love the top, but everything looks just a little too long and low.

My flats look kind of like the ones you're wearing! Except mine are bright red with a silver heel.

Keep up the great fashion work! I'm actually off to buy a skirt I've had my eye on.

Much love

andrea said...

i also believe that all of the arts of the outfit is too long.. it makes your legs seem short and stubby... u should probably shorten the skirt and the shirt.

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