Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ebay: Item of the week 10.7.07

I love vintage pieces. I also love ebay (well it's more like an addiction). Not only can you get a great deal sometimes, but you can also get one of a kind pieces.
Mixed with some more modern accessories, and a great vintage piece can look totally hip.
Because I'm a poor graduate student, I plan on posting cool vintage pieces I find on ebay in the hopes that someone will pick them up so I can live vicariously through his/her purchase :)
Today's item is a sexy pink wrap dress. I love the crocheted detailing on the back and the open sleeves (i.e.-no pit stains).
The starting bid on this dress is $25 ($5 shipping).
Go to and in the search feature type in the item number to pull it up.
Item no. 150169224161

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Londyn said...

This dress is fabulous -- I love the idea of posting vintage items!